Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Caucus Race

Chapter 3: A Caucus Race
(Secret Love Affair - Alice in Wonderland Parody) 

They were indeed an odd-looking party that assembled on the bank, all dripping wet and cross. The dodo took charge. “The best thing to get dry,” it said, “would be a caucus race.”It took off running.

“I don't know though, Dean,” called the @queennafre as she followed the dodo at an increasing pace. “Wait, I need to talk to you.”

Catching up, the duchess objected, “you're not getting any of my admissions spots.”

“I only need one, just one,” Kang the lizard panted, falling behind.

They came to @threemaples growing at the edge of the sand and began running around each other and the trees, watched by a @junebugg and a @fireflygal buzzing high above. The lizard came around a tree and found himself facing the duchess. “You what – where do you think -” she kicked him in the shins. “Give me the nominees list,” she cried, throwing water in his face.

“Yah!” he sputtered, catching her handkerchief to wipe with. “Why would I plan with you if you're being like this?”

“If I call the gryphon now will you join hands?” He tried to grab the phone from her but she bit his wrist and beat him over the head as he tried to ward off her blows with his hands.

“What are those two doing?” wondered the @fireflygal.

“They always play like that,” sighed the @junebugg.